Federal Warrants

Federal Warrants

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If you believe that you have an outstanding federal arrest warrant, your first step should be to contact and retain a lawyer. Your lawyer will reach out to the U.S. Marshal’s Office since federal warrants are kept by the U.S. Marshal’s Service Warrant Information System (WIN). The WIN acts like a database for all federal warrants. WIN is inaccessible to the public, so the Marshal's office will be of little help to the general public, and it takes a little bit of charm for an attorney to receive any information.

When your attorney can disseminate the appropriate prosecutor to contact, s/he will make a call to determine the reasons / charges for the warrant. Your attorney will communicate that information to the client to determine the strategy.

Your attorney can have a significant impact in the future of your case. By self-surrendering a person can save a great deal of embarassment. Afterall, few want to be arrested at work. Workplace arrests typically result in immediate termination. Your case is likely to take years, so it is difficult to find employment with an arrest on your record. So self-surrendering can can a positive affect on your lifestyle.

Self-surrendering typically takes a day, if you self-surrender in the morning it is possible to be back home before dinner. A huge advantage to self-surrendering is that it eliminates a significant court concern when addressing bail, which is that you are not a flight risk which is proven by the self-surrender.

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