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The FBI is the primary agency for exposing and investigating health care fraud, with jurisdiction over both federal and private insurance programs. Being charged with insurance fraud means that the FBI is accusing you of conducting a fraudulent act or false claim for payment from an insurance company.

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Health care fraud investigations are considered a high priority within the FBI's Complex Financial Crime Program, and each of the FBI’s 56 field offices has personnel assigned specifically to investigate medicare and medical fraud matters. The FBI seeks to identify and pursue investigations against the most egregious offenders involved in health care fraud through investigative partnerships with other federal agencies,

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You are not only facing a lenghty prison term, but also the government wants everything that you have accumalated in your lifetime including your property, your license, your practice, all of your money. You and your family will be left for broke.

This is an important step in which 99% of those later accused wish that they could redo. Instead of fighting at this stage many enter into an agreement to offset future billing and regret it forever.

This is a major stage when the government issues subpoenas, requests documents. interviews witnesses and procures testimony. An agreement should be in place regarding the parameters of the investigation.

If the corporation wishes to resolve the criminal and civil investigation, to avoid the government using a criminal investigation to leverage a civil settlement, counsel must send a letter to prosecutors.

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Michael Devereux is one of the more highly rated insurance fraud attorneys in Los Angeles. His vast experience, zealous advocacy for his clients and extensive knowledge of many areas of insurance fraud make Mr. Devereux the premiere Los Angeles attorney located in prestigious Century City. Mr. Devereux started his own firm in 2004 after working for the Cochran Firm, and assisting with the Robert Blake and Michael Jackson defense teams. As the sole proprietor of Wexford Law, Mr. Devereux has been successfully representing clients for close to 20 years. Former clients, their family and friends repeatedly return to Wexford Law for help in matters involving insurance fraud defense. Mr. Devereux loves taking on the federal government and major corporations.

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Insurance fraud is a serious charge that can have devastating consequences, including everything one ever acquired and more. It can leave families devastated with their loved one and primary bread winner serving a long prison term. The client is likely to lose their license, their practice, their home, their cars, any investments and any cash that they have, along with other assets.

What is Insurance Fraud?

The majority of insurance fraud is committed by organized crime groups and a very small minority of dishonest health care employees. The most common types of insurance fraud according to CMS include: 1) Knowingly submitting, or causing to be submitted, false claims or submitting misrepresentations to acquire claims reimbursement from payers for which no entitlement exists; 2) intentionally soliciting, receiving, offering, and/or paying remuneration to encourage or reward referrals for items or services reimbursed by payers; and 3) providing prohibited referrals for specific designated health services.

How Can Providers Detect Insurance Fraud?

As value-based purchasing takes hold of the healthcare industry, providers are also seeing claims reimbursement rates drop in favor of incentive payments. Efforts to maximize revenue may push some providers and/or employees to engage in healthcare fraud and abuse activities without intending to, such failing to correct a billing clerk who assumes a provider performed specific services, billing for medications that patient never picked up, and coordinating with other provider organizations under value-based agreements. While providers may or may not intend to commit insurance fraud and abuse crimes, the federal government is as strict as ever with cracking down on insurance fraud schemes.

Federal False Claims Act

Imposes civil liability on any individual who knowingly submits, or causes the submission of, false or fraudulent claims to the federal government, law officials do not need proof of specific intent to defraud to charge individuals.

Anti-Kickback Statute

Targets individuals who knowingly and willfully pay, solicit, offer, or receive remuneration directly or indirectly to induce or reward referrals of services and items reimbursed by federal healthcare programs.

Physician Self-Referral Law

Prohibits providers from making referrals for services reimbursable by federal healthcare programs to an entity in which the provider (or family member) has an ownership or investment interest or a compensation agreement.


Developing a strong compliance program is key to preventing insurance fraud and abuse activities.


While a compliance program is the foundation for insurance fraud and abuse prevention, providers should also consider improving their medical billing and coding processes.


Under value-based purchasing models, providers may seek business relationships with other organizations to fill care gaps. Controlling care across the continuum also allows providers to monitor patient outcomes and costs to maximize value-based reimbursement.


The penalty at conviction for insurance fraud can be steep, including years in prison, along with loss of home, cars, investment properties, airplanes, bank accounts, license, your practice, etc. At the end of the day, your loved ones can be displaced while you are serving time in prison.

Our Experience

Our experience includes representing phsycians, surgeons, dentists, pharmacies, and other providers. We discovered that early intervention of a skilled lawyer knowledgeable, not only in criminal insurance defense, but health care law as well is key. Insurance fraud prosecutions are highly specific prosecutions lead by the U.S. Attorney’s Insurance Fraud Division. Thus, the defense of such allegations requires highly specialized insurance fraud defense attorneys capable of analyzing a voluminous amount of health data with knowledge of billing practices, compliance issues and medical necessity.

Insurance Fraud Defense

Criminal insurance fraud convictions require proof beyond a reasonable doubt that an individual knowingly and/or willfully submitted a false claim or engaged in kickbacks or other fraud, including insurance fraud. However, proof of actual knowledge or specific intent is not required for a conviction. A person can be convicted if their employee is found to have acted with deliberate ignorance or reckless disregard of the truth or falsity of the claim. In some insurance fraud cases, the ultimate issue is simply whether the individual acted knowingly and/or willfully. In other cases, the issues are much more complex. For example, insurance fraud allegations involving worthless services, medical necessity or overutilization present an additional question regarding the standard of care. The federal government trend is to criminally charge physicians who allegedly prescribe/perform health care services that are not medically necessary. Our insurance fraud defense lawyers are uniquely suited to defend these claims. Our knowledge of conditions of payment, conditions of participation, with years of defending physicians provides us with the necessary knowledge to understand and apply the standard of care, DRG’s, CPT’s, clinical practice guidelines and conditions of payment in the defense of our clients.

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