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Q: A customer is not willing to return a loaner vehicle to the dealership. What can I do?:

I am a small used car dealership and we gave a customer a loaner vehicle while we checked a mechanical issue on a vehicle she purchased. The customer was months past the warranty she signed but we helped her out and paid for the diagnostic to locate the mechanical issue. Once we found it we contacted her to explain what was wrong with vehicle and agreed to pick up the vehicle in the afternoon. It has been a month now and she is not willing to return the loaner vehicle and pick up her car. She answers all the calls but simply states she will pick up her car when it’s fixed and that she doesn’t give a damn that she’s passed warranty. What can I do? Is she technically stealing a vehicle at this point?

A: Michael’s answer:

It is likely theft at this point depending on your agreement. Have a suave attorney review the agreement and write a nice letter to this person for the return of the car. If that doesn't work then call the police.

Q: Will I win a domestic violence case if my wife falsely accused me?:

I have a recording phone call of her admitting she don’t care about lying to the police in the report and also she admits she did it because of jealousy she thought I was cheating on her.

A: Michael’s answer:

You will need a Los Angeles criminal attorney to defend you or you will screw this up. The law is very finicky and thinking that you can walk into the courtroom with your telephone recording and you will be immediately set free is highly unlikely to happen. That happens on TV, but not in a real courtroom.

Q: If I went to court and I saw my wife's car in the parking lot and I hit it on purpose and someone saw me do it, can I be charged?:

I went to court for a restraint order that I was not aware of and also my wife trying to get full custody of my daughter I was upset about her trying to keep my daughter I saw her car I did hit it on the bumper someone saw me do it and record it and left a message to her and she saw the video is that consider vandalism even though we are married and I have proof that I have done payments on that car from my own bank account she also went into my account and toke the payments out to fix the bumper. County of San Bernardino is try to charge me with vandalism a felony.

A: Michael’s answer:

If you haven't said a word to anyone, this may be defendable. Many people in hit and run matters tend to confess to the hit and run which on many occasions is the only evidence that the prosecution has to prove who was behind the wheel at the time of the incident since most people get the description of the car and license plate but fail to identify the driver. Lawyer up for best results.

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