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Los Angeles drug crimes and drug charges in Southern California involve the abuse of prescription drugs, possession, sale, transportation, manufacturing, transportation for sale of an unlawful narcotic, money laundering, drug trafficking and distribution. Los Angeles drug charges and Southern California drug crimes include the unlawful use or possession of narcotics including prescription drugs, cocaine in its base form (crack), marijuana, methamphetamine (speed), heroin, LSD, cocaine, PCP, ecstasy, as well as unauthorized use, possession or sale of prescription drugs such as Vicodin or Oxycontin.

Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyer

Michael Devereux is a highly respected attorney in Los Angeles with a career start in a law firm that was assigned to federal drug trafficking crimes. Michael Devereux's first case was in federal court and involved one of the largest drug trafficking crimes in US history, Operation Casablanca. Michael graduated from Los Angeles' very own Loyola Law School. In addition, Michael's eduational background includes Harvard University, Purdue University and UCLA. Michael provides his Southern California clients charged with drug crimes with an exceptional, intelligent defense.

Drug Sales v. Drug Possession v. Federal Charges

Drug sales at the state level are typically determined by an economical decision of who pays the expense, state versus county.

Simple drug possession is the least serious of drug charges and is typically a misdemeanor paid by the county.

Drug trafficking is the most serious of drug charges, based upon quantity and organized crime/gang affiliation.

Drug Charges
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Michael Devereux is a highly respected attorney in Los Angeles with a career start with a law firm that was assigned to federal drug trafficking cases. His vast experience, zealous advocacy for his clients and extensive knowledge of many areas of drug crimes involving drug charges makes Mr. Devereux an elite defense attorney. Mr. Devereux started his own firm in 2004 after working for the Cochran Firm, and assisting with the Robert Blake and Michael Jackson defense teams under Thomas Mesereau. As the principal owner of Wexford Law, Mr. Devereux has been successfully representing clients for close to 20 years in respect to drug charges, including prescription drugs and drug trafficking. Former clients, their family and friends repeatedly return to Wexford Law for help in matters involving matters involving drug charges.


Drug crimes in Los Angeles and Southern California typically include drug trafficking, possession, possession for sale or distribution, drug manufacturing, drug trafficking, drug smuggling and importation. It is unlawful to possess or distribute cocaine, crack cocaine, LSD, psychedelic mushrooms, PCP, ecstasy, molly, heroin, ketamine, amphetamines, bath salts, ayahuasca, hashish, opium, MDMA, GHB, mescaline, steroids, methamphetamine, peyote and prescription drugs without a prescription.

Prescription drug abuse are medications that have psychoactive (mild altering) effects and because of that many prescriptions are not taken as prescribed by the doctor or many times users abuse them without a prescription. Drug Charges for the most commonly abused prescription opioids:

  • Oxycodone - OxyContin, OxyFast, Roxicodone
  • Fentanyl - Duragesic, Actiq, Fentora
  • Hydrocodone - Vicodin, Lorcet, Lortab, Norco
  • Hydromorphone - Dilaudid, Exalgo
  • Methadone - Dolophine, Methadose
  • Oxymorphone - Opana
  • Propoxyphene - Darvon
  • Meperidine - Demerol
  • Diphenoxylate - Lomotil

Drug Charges for the most commonly abused prescription Benzodiazepines:

  • Diazepam - Valium
  • Alprazolam - Xanax
  • Clonazepam - Klonipin
  • Lorazepam - Ativan
  • Barbiturate - Nembutal

Drug Crimes for the Most commonly abused Stimulants:

  • Methylphenidate - Ritalin and Concerta
  • Amphetamines - Adderall and Vyvanse
  • Dextroamphetamine - Dexedrine

Drug possession and possession for sale or distribution, along with drug trafficking for:

  • Cocaine
  • Heroin - possession or manufacturing
  • Medical Marijuana
  • Ecstasy Drug Possession
  • Ecstasy Drug Manufacturing or Distribution,
  • Los Angeles Methamphetamine Drug Possession
  • Drug trafficking, smuggling or importation
  • Unauthorized possession or sale of prescription drugs
  • Cultivation of marijuana
  • Money Laundering
  • Property crimes, such as burglary or larceny, to support a drug habit
  • Conspiracy drug charges
  • Juvenile or student drug offenses
  • DUI involving drugs
  • There are several ways to avoid jail. The most popular through a drug rehab program. Another method is to have the charges dropped before trial typically by way of challenging improper police misconduct. The third most popular manner is to have the charges reduced typically at prelim or at trial. The county would prefer to have a felony conviction because the state will pick up the cost, while the county is responsible for misdemeanor costs, including drug rehab. So if no jail is your goal, then you will need an smart attorney that refuses to quit.

    Wexford Law, The Law Firm If You are Facing Drug Charges

    Wexford Law has successfully represented high-profile defendants charged with drug trafficking in the United States. With over 15 years of experience, Attorney Devereux has the extensive knowledge and employs the most effective strategies for aggressively defending his clients and combating prosecution. Federal and State penalties for drug crimes are severe, particularly for repeat offenders with high statutory minimums, and the prosecution can be unrelenting, coming at you with the full force of the government behind them.

    If you are currently residing outside of the United States when any of these charges are brought, you will be facing an extradition order. Wexford Law can successfully fought extradition into the United States which can prevent prosecution in the U.S or limit the charges the U.S. can bring against an individual.

    These crimes carry severe penalties with lasting consequences. Michael Devereux have the credentials you are looking for in defense attorneys, forfeiture attorneys and money laundering lawyers. Dedicated, experienced, and tenacious, our drug attorney team works tirelessly to defend our clients. Contact us today for a no-risk case evaluation!

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