The Need To Revise Prejudgments

Decision Making - Prejudgments & The Need To Revise

Pre-judgments refer to a decision that a person makes early on. A pre-judgment is a choice somebody makes very early and then they refuse to adapt or revise. This is another one of those things that people are aware of in every day life – how many of us have just decided something is the way it is and refuse to budge or reconsider?

Many decisions are initally based upon prejudgments. People who believe that they were initially acting honestly and fairly, don't recognize the bias in their prejudgements so they will refuse or fail to revise their prejudgments because to their way of thinking a revision demonstrates a weakness of not being honest and/or fair.

When people make pre-judgments, people tend to look for facts that confirm their position, that supports their point of view, and people tend to discount, or even ignore, facts that speak otherwise.

Instead of reconsidering or revising the pre-judgement, many look for facts to support their decision despite the numerous facts that indicate the pre-judgment is inaccurate or misleading. This is a misguided concept which is fraught with opportunities for improper bias and one that is remarkably common in making bad decisions.