Experience v. Misleading Experience

Decision Making - Experience v. Misleading Experience

The reality is that being a successful lawyer is not just about intelligence, not just about being smart. It’s about actually making the right moves at the right time. And people that have the intellect, the track record, the success, are not necessarily going to be good lawyers if they make bad decisions.

There are many warning signs and several ways to think about whether a decision has, at least, a reasonable probability of being successful. Many people will believe that, of course, experience is a good thing. And in many instances, it is. But the reality is that if that experience is not closely tailored with the situation that you’re in, it could lead you astray. It could lead you in the wrong direction.

The reality is, of course, you can never guarantee that any decision is going to be successful. It would be great if I could tell you how to do that. But no one can because decision making is not a rational step by step process. Rather great decisions are intuitive, not over thought decisions.

So experience, yes it’s great. But let’s be careful and make sure that it’s not misleading experience. Misleading experience is when one may have experience as an attorney or a white-collar attorney, but doesn't have the specific experience in medical fraud, or whatever your cause of action actually is.