Excluding Personal Attachments

Decision Making - Excluding Personal Attachments

Personal Attachments refers to the manner that people are influenced by others, by places, or by things. These personal attachments are emotional involvements that influence the subconscious.

Attachments bring a tremendous about of emotional feelings in a process. These attachments can bring a negative result. If one were to remove the personal attachment, that is likely to bring on change, which many people find difficult. People have the tendency to maintain the status quo.

An example is that people tend to enter into a marriage that they knew was wrong from the very beginning. But the personal attachment to the spouse is what kept that person from making the right decision. People tend to resolve the conflict early on by finding factors that supported their pre-judgment, but later on, for their own betterment, these same people are forced to gather up the fortitude and strength to correct the bad decision.

Attachments are a red flag that decision makers have to be on the alert against. If one doesn't resolve the conflict early on, then they will resolve the conflict years later, wasting a great deal of time that could have been used productively. Many times friends and colleagues provide the needed advice that is typically ignored because the person believes that their friends and colleagues don't know the entire situation. In other words, the friends and colleagues advice may be spot on because they are not emotionally attached.