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From AVVO:

Extremely helpful

“He not only understood the issue I was trying to solve but sent me a link to all the information I needed to solve it. He went above and beyond and I appreciate that very much.”
- Helen

Quick and knowledgeable response on electronic transfer lost between two banks

“Attorney Devereux responded quickly to my questions and provided resources and agencies I could use to file a complaint. I transferred funds online from one bank to another and while the intended recipient did not receive the funds due to an oversight on my part, both banks are claiming the other should have the funds. This had been going on for 4 months.”
- Anonymous

I'm so glad to have met him!!

“He was so reassuring that everything was going to be fine in regards of my boyfriend. And when it came to our court date the case was dismissed, and i believe it was due to him because he said he was going to send a letter to the D.A stating I didn't want to pursue anything against my boyfriend and was going to use my right to Marcy's Law and he reassured me that by doing so the case was going to be dropped and it was.”
- Elizabeth


“He answered me quickly and with respect. All the other attorneys that responded were judgmental and rude. I was very relieved after I spoke with him. He is amazing and was my Angel in disguise.”
- Amy

5 stars is not nearly enough!!!!!

“When I had the good fortune to be represented by Mr. Devereux I was reminded that God does indeed work through others. I owe this man my life, literally. I can't begin to express how great Michael is. Everyone told me my case was hopeless, that I was a fool to take this to trial and this man had faith in me and his ability to give me a fair trial and ultimately an astounding new belief in humanity. With all the lies and illegal acts committed by the prosecution and law enforcement, Mr. Devereux never once seemed to not have anything but ultimate confidence in himself and our case. Watching him in action was like watching a surgeon save a life. If your freedom is a risk, them there is no one better to handle your case. He was always available to answer my calls or emails, he visited me regularly behind bars and ultimately proved my innocence. Because that's what it really is; you proving your innocence. He isn't over priced and is there to provide you justice. I believed he truly cared about me and my case. I can't thank him enough. Thank you Mr. Devereux!!”
- Brooks

Brilliant & Informative Attorney

“Michael came to us when we were in crisis and had just lost 500k in an internet wire fraud hack job by criminals. He lightened us up with good information and follows up. Just a really nice good guy and easy to talk too.”
- Anonymous

Great attorney

“I retained Mr. Devereux to recall a warrant. He took the time to explain everything and helped me get the results I was hoping for. Could not have been happier with the whole experience. He helped me through a very stressful and draining ordeal. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney.”
- Anonymous

Highly Recommend!

“Today I consulted with Attorney Devereux on the phone concerning internet law about a website that illegally publishing my personal information. Attorney Devereux time out of his busy day to discuss the internet privacy laws with me. He's very knowledgeable of the law. I highly recommend Attorney Devereux.”
- Rachel

Exceeded my expectations!!!

“Let me start by saying I am extremely pleased by Mr. Devereux's work, professionalism, and devotion to his clients. He was very honest and never made any false promises about the outcome of my case nor did he try to seek compensation further than our initial contract. I initially consulted and even hired other experienced attorneys but nothing got accomplished. Mr. Devereux worked on my case for over six months and was able to get my case dismissed which I was told by previous attorneys was impossible. My husband and I are forever grateful for his great work!”
- Fabiola

Superior Criminal Defense Attorney

“I wanted an old fashioned sleuth type criminal defense attorney with successful experience so a friend recommended Michael Devereux in downtown Long Beach. Amazing lawyer. His knowledge of criminal law and evidence is remarkable. He got me a great result. To watch him lawyering was well worth the money. I read a review where someone called him a Super Lawyer. That is so true. You can’t go wrong with this criminal attorney.”
- Frances

Peer Endorsements From AVVO:

“Michael Devereux is a modern Renaissance man - his areas of legal expertise being both broad and deep. His client satisfaction ratings are similarly outstanding. I endorse this lawyer.”
- Wayne Morrow, Child Abuse Attorney

“Mr. Devereux is undoubtedly a top notch attorney who has skillfully mastered his primary area of practice over the course of his professional experience. His sharp critical thinking and flawless work ethic are perhaps the key qualities which ensured the success of a remarkable number of his cases. I endorse this lawyer and encourage anyone who needs superior legal representation to opt for his services.”
- Channika Desilva, Mesothelioma and Asbestos Attorney

“I wholeheartedly endorse this lawyer. Michael is a well-regarded and driven attorney who has provided exceptional legal representation to numerous clients throughout the U.S. With his extensive knowledge, broad experience and impressive professional skills, he is bound to invest his time and energy into achieving the best outcome for each case, regardless of its level of complexity.”
- Gregory Cade, Mesothelioma and Asbestos Attorney

“I cannot believe I have not endorsed Mr. Devereux before now. He has posted years of answers that are accurate, analytic, and customized to the needs of the Avvo askers. These are exactly the qualities that every client would look for when hiring an attorney.”
- Michael Doland, Business Attorney

“A highly skilled attorney who is well respected in the legal community. I endorse this lawyer.”
- Jared Gross, Personal Injury Attorney

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