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Recent Case Results

Wex Law has been representing individuals and businesses in a variety of cases. Here is a sample of some of the cases that we have represented.

Shareholder Dispute

Client was involved in a shareholder dispute with principle of corporation. Wex Law took the matter to trial and prevailed, including back payment of profits.

Real Estate Fraud

An elderly man was bamboozled out of his property by an attractive woman. Wex Law filed suit for the return of the property and compensation.

Newport Beach Building Code Violations

Who says you can't fight city hall? City of Newport Beach sued developer over building code violations. Took Newport Beach to trial and judge dismissed the case halfway through trial over the objection of the City of Newport Beach.

Robert Blake Murder Case

Our founder, Michael Devereux, was a member of the Robert Blake defense team under the guidance of Thomas Mesereaux. Mr. Blake was acquitted in this case.

Craigslist Lawsuit

Man and woman breakup. Man is upset and posts several Craigslist personal ads disparaging the woman using someone's email other than his own. After the ads were removed, Wex Law filed lawsuit for causes of action that included emotional distress, defamation, privacy issues and stalking.

Unlawful Detainer

Client's has unsavory individual move into her home. Wex Law is retained to remove the unsavory individual from the home.

Bad Reviews / Yelp Takedown / Reputation Management

Wex Law has had taken down several unfair reviews, including several on Yelp, for clients who have been unjustly characterized.

Forfeiture Matters

Had the government return hundreds of thousands of dollars to clients for illegal seizures.

Business / Credit Card Processing

Wex Law has assisted business clients in credit card disputes

Internet Shakedowns

Wex Law has successfully assisted many clients entangled in Internet shakedowns and Internet fraud.

Healthcare Fraud

Wex Law has successfully defended many cases that involved healthcare fraud.

Internet Takedown

An older woman starred in a porn film in the 1970s. The rights of the film were purchased and the film was converted to mp3 format. The film was running on several porn sites throughout the Internet. The star of the film did not want her grandchildren to be able to view the film. We persuaded the distributor of the film to remove it from the Internet.

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