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A good attorney says that I'm sorry to hear about your legal issues. A better attorney will help you up. The BEST attorney says "Stay down. I got this covered."
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Tall people make a better presentation. At 6'4" we achieve positive outcomes for our clients and with our charm, sophistication and intelligence. We are well respected by judges and peers. Jurors love our demeanor and often find in favor of our clients.

Aggressive - Bold - Tenacious


Exceptional critical thought with the ability to look outside the box in developing the best legal solution for our clients with a reputation to simplify complex legal matters for everyone to understand. Excellent knowledge of state and federal law.

Wexford Law Los Angeles

Wexford Law was found by Michael Devereux, a highly successful Los Angeles attorney with a remarkable trial record. Michael graduated with honors in economics. He completed post graduate studies in computer science at UCLA. Michael attended the masters program at Harvard University in cyber security. Michael's objective in life is not to do a good job - but to do a great job, so he will either find a way or make one himself.

Michael's success is the result of his amazing presence. His personality is quite unique. Michael Devereux is charming, suave and sophisticated. Michael possesses a simple, but rare quality which puts everyone at ease while taking charge and persuading others to see matters from his client’s perspective. His 6’4” frame commands attention, permitting Michael to hold court, owning the room - basically when Michael speaks people listen.

The formula is quite simple, Michael is prepared, he’s authentic, he’s interested, he’s positive, he’s confident, he’s humble, he’s empathetic, he can quickly adapt, he’s edutaining (a combination of education and entertainment) and he’s an exceptional storyteller. Before becoming an attorney, Michael was a Hollywood writer/storyteller so he knows how to tell a story so that it receives the attention it deserves.

Michael Devereux started his career with Operation Casablanca, the largest money laundering case in US history, while practicing white collar law and forfeiture law exclusively in federal court under the guidance Charles Pereyra-Suarez. After many years practicing exclusively white collar law Michael then departed to the Cochran Firm, with Johnnie Cochran where he began to practice in state court. Before starting his own firm, Michael was engaged on the defense teams in the Michael Jackson and Robert Blake cases with Thomas Mesereau as the lead attorney.

Exceptional trial attorney for business, libel, forfeiture, Internet, real estate and white collar matters. Our reputation goes beyond, Century City, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

Representing clients in all avenues of Internet law from cybercrimes, defamation, revenge porn, social media reviews, and privacy issues.

Civil Rights litigation is the process in which civil rights violations are resolved in a court of law, including due process, excessive force and 2nd Amendment / gun rights.

Results Oriented

We fight for GREAT results.

Major Entertainment Studios Sue Small Entertainment Firm

Executives at Disney, Lucasfilm, Marvel, NBCUniversal, Universal, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures sold screening tickets to small entertainment company. All of the aforementioned major studios sue the small entertainment company for intellectual property violation(s). Major studios are demanding millions in damages. Major studios drop lawsuit with no payout to them.

Plastic Surgeon Sues Patient Over Yelp Review & Loses

Pretentious Orange County plastic surgeon sues patient over their Yelp! review. Patient countersues based upon consumer law principles and business and professional code. Surgeon loses and pays out to client and pays attorney fees.

Stabs Wife 32 Times - Not Guilty

Client is charged with attempted murder in tough conservative Orange County for stabbing his wife repeatedly over 32 times. Client took the stand and admitted that he stabbed his wife repeatedly. Jury finds the client not guilty on all counts.

Chicago Organized Crime Figure Has Murder Conviction Overturned On Appeal

Chicago organized crime figure is convicted of murder in Cook County. Family contacts Michael for the appeal. Michael has the murder conviction overturned.

Client Wins Civil Rights Lawsuit Against LAPD

Off-duty LAPD officer and two of his friends pick a fight with client. Client pulls out his gun to scare off the attackers and then runs. LAPD officer shoots client in the back. Client files civil rights lawsuit and prevails winning a large payout.

Vagos Motorcycle Club Member Acquitted in Federal Court

A member of the outlawed Vagos motorcycle club is charged by the FBI with several crimes. Client goes to trial in front of an extremely conservative federal judge who refused to accept a negotiated plea deal. Jury acquits client of all charges.

Mongol Wins Forfeiture Lawsuit Against the Feds

A member of the outlawed Mongols motorcycle club is charged with murder and RICO. Feds file a forfeiture lawsuit for everything, including the motorcycle. Feds lose the lawsuit and all items are returned to the client.

Client Acquitted of Hit and Run With Injuries

Client is accused of a hit and run with injuries. Client is looking at prison time and loss of employment. In a month long trial, Michael's closing was hours long. Jury acquits client in less than 30 minutes.

Clients retain Wexford Law when prevailing is a matter of great importance since clients know that the attorneys at Wexford Law won’t stop until they win. It is your success, our commitment.

We are not satisfied with good results, we fight for great results.


Michael Devereux is one of the more highly respected attorneys in Los Angeles. His vast experience, zealous advocacy for his clients and extensive knowledge of many areas of the law make Mr. Devereux the premiere Los Angeles attorney located in prestigious Century City. Mr. Devereux started his own firm in 2004 after working for the Cochran Firm, and assisting with the Robert Blake and Michael Jackson defense teams.

As the sole proprietor of Wexford Law, Mr. Devereux has been successfully representing clients for close to 20 years. Former clients, their family and friends repeatedly return to Wexford Law for help in matters involving appeals, civil rights, cyber crimes, defamation, forfeiture, Internet matters, litigation, restraining orders and white-collar crime.

Mr. Devereux, from the blood line of the Viking Rollo, the first Duke of Normandy, to William the Conqueror to King Richard the Lionheart, is a battler and loves taking on the government and major corporations.


The Devereux Philosophy

No one is going to out work Michael Devereux, out smart Michael Devereux or be better prepared than Michael Devereux. The probability of Michael Devereux prevailing in trial is up to 8x that of the average attorney.

When Michael was in high school, Michael would after school, work the swing shift in a steel mill on the southside of Chicago. It was a job under horrible work conditions. It was dirty, grimy, loud and hot with temperatures consistently reaching over 150 degrees on summer days. It was so loud, that many men would lose their hearing within a couple of years. It was dangerous place where hot molten steel would often cut through a body like a hot knife through butter. Many of Michael's work colleagues were seriously injured - almost on a daily basis. It was there that Michael learned that he would need to study and work hard if he wanted to become more than a workplace casualty.

Michael Devereux didn't have much guidance outside of the typical blue collar family. Michael's father during World War II would be shot at by Nazi planes four or five times a week, but kept it quietly until his early 90s. Michael's father eventually retired from the steel mill. Michael's mother worked at the local hospital for years. Michael was the middle child of five. Michael was first child in his family to attend college and the first child to graduate from college. Michael Devereux graduated with honors in ecomomics.

A career as an attorney didn't come easy. Michael Devereux made many sacrifices. Michael gave up his dream job as a Hollywood writer to become an attorney. Michael loved to fly but had to give up flying because sleep deprivation and flying were in his mind, mutually exclusive.

When Michael was in law school, he was employed full time at Paramount Studios. Law school wasn't easy. Michael would wake up at 6 a.m. every weekday to begin driving in LA rush hour traffic to work at Paramount Studios. Michael would leave work each day at 5 p.m. to arrive at Loyola Law School by 6 p.m., four nights a week. On some nights class would end at 11 p.m.

Michael would drive home, but he was wound up so he wouldn't fall asleep until 1:30 a.m. only to repeat the process again at 6 a.m. This schedule went year round because in order to be eligible to take the bar exam, one had to finish law school within a short period. Thus, not only did Michael have to attend law school four nights a week for four years, but he had to attend law school each summer.

The hard work, the ability to crash 60 hours a week of studying outside the classroom, while working full time and spending five-hours a night in school was a great experience. The ability to put in those many hours a week into school and work, while still receiving honors in one of the top law schools in Los Angeles is what made Michael the attorney that he is today.

Basically when Michael and his client walk into a courtroom, the government or opposing counsel may be loved by the judge or the jury, but at the end of the day, Michael and his client are highly likely to be the judge and jury's favorite. The reason being, while the other side is looking for shortcuts, Michael and his client won't be out smarted, out worked or out prepared. Never!


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Lawyers, by virtue of a state's bar admission, are expected to both uphold the law and protect the rights of their clients. In addition to actually knowing the law, particularly within his or her practice area, an attorney must be able to communicate clearly with their clients, work competently to resolve their client's needs and be ethical in the performance of their overall handling of a case.

Maybe in a criminal case, yes in a civil case, however the harm is that you may agree to something that you don't understand. Many people believe that that they can blindly walk into a courtroom and immediately understand. Many of the words and terms that we use in everyday language have an entirely different meaning in the courtroom. You may understand the terminology on the street and agree to something with the understanding that it has the same defintion as street terminology, only to later discover that you agreed to something with an entirely different meaning. The difference in courtroom terminology is one reason lawyers attend law school. And to ensure that the law student understands the difference in the terminology many, if not all, states require that the individual pass a test to ensure that they know the difference. Bottom line, you can't do this by yourself. Lawyer up.

Unfortunately no. Legal issues are right below health issues. We believe that they are important and the thing with free services is that the demand is incredible for any We are not a government agency nor are we supported by the government. Wexford Law is an exceptional private law firm and does not accept government appointments.

It depends on the situation and the breadth of service since only lawyers may practice law. Paralegals, for example, may represent you in certain situations involving complaints against a government agency (such as a dispute over Social Security benefits). You may also represent yourself in court, hire a notary public, or work with law students (under the supervision of a lawyer) under certain circumstances.

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